Become a Champion

Change Your Mind Champions will proactively contribute to the development of the campaign by promoting Change Your Mind's anti-stigma message and, on occasion, supporting local events.

Change Your Mind Champions may, alongside staff, engage with policy makers such, be they local councillors or MLAs, at meetings and events promoting Change Your Mind's anti-stigma message.


  •          Be supportive of the anti-stigma Change Your Mind campaign.
  •          Be committed to the campaign's goal of ensuring that everyone can live lives free from stigma.
  •          Adhere to our volunteer policy.

Skills/experience required: 

  •          Be willing to attend events and meetings promoting the campaign to the general public.
  •          Be available on occasion to assist at events and to promote campaign resources.
  •          Be comfortable working as part of a team.

Training achieved/required: 

  • Champions will receive suitable support prior to undertaking any campaign activities.

Hours per week:

  • Flexible 

Length of Commitment: 

  • Flexible


  • Reasonable travel and subsistence expenses will be reimbursed on production of valid receipts.

Benefits of volunteering: 

  •          Learning and developing new personal skills.
  •          Learning and developing new professional skills.
  •          Contributing to your community.
  •          Developing a sense of achievement.
  •          Engaging with new people.

Become a CYM Champion

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