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We would love to hear stories from people who are passionate about ending mental health stigma. Whether you have experienced mental health difficulties or not, you can make a positive contribution to the campaign and the lives of people experiencing stigma.

Change Your Mind is a platform for people with lived experience of mental ill health to speak out and change minds, raise awareness and share knowledge to challenge stigma and discrimination.

The campaign will be shaped by the collaboration of communities, organisations and individuals who will champion the message against stigma across all sectors from a local, grassroots level – a campaign for people driven by people.

The building blocks of our campaign to end mental health stigma are:

* CYM Voices - positive change through conversation, sharing lived experience and provoking debate on social media

* Community Champions - a network of voices trained and supported to challenge stigma across communities

* Collaboration with community partners and delivery networks

* Change Your Mind funds - a grants scheme empowering anti-stigma at local level

* Change Your Mind at Work - challenging stigma in the Workplace and engaging with others

* Change Your Mind at School - Getting the conversation about mental health and stigma started at school

* Changing Minds in the Media - engaging with the media to challenge stigma

* Influencing policy makers and decision makers to publically challenge stigma



























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