It won't always be immediately apparent that a colleague is struggling with their mental health, but there can be some signs that indicate that their wellbeing isn't at it's best.

We can all experience periods of stress at work. When normal levels of stress turn into an overwhelming feel of frustration and hopelessness, that's when real problems occur.What are the early warning signs?

Lack of concentration

An increase in unexplained absences or sick leave

Poor performance

Increased use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or caffeine

Frequent headaches and back aches

Withdrawal from social contact

Poor judgement / indecision

Constant tiredness or low energy

Unusually high levels irritability or tearfulness

It might seem like a clichè but it really is good to talk. The earlier that we start talking about mental ill health, the better chance we have of making sure that people who are experiencing it can feel supported.

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