Time to Talk Day

Let’s start talking. On Thursday 4 February 2021, we need your help to get the nation talking about mental health.

Time to Talk Day is one of the biggest days on the mental health calendar. It’s a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, listen and change lives.

This is our fourth Time to Talk Day and it seems like no time since last February, when our 'Would You Rather' game sparked countless conversations between friends, family and colleagues.

Of course, a great deal has happened since then and the 2021 version on Thursday 4 February will take place during more unusual times. COVID-19 has changed everyone's lives and the mental health impact of this new reality is significant. 

However, we are more than ready and willing to adapt.

This year's theme is the Power of Small because, after all, even a brief chat about mental health has the power to make a big difference. Once we start reaching out to those around us and discussing the issues we are concerned about, we can quickly learn that it is ok not to be ok.


The more we talk, the more myths we bust and barriers we break. We can help to end the stigma that surrounds mental ill health  by talking about our own feelings and being open to listening to others.

Obviously, things are going be a little different next year. While we cannot gather physically, social distance doesn’t mean emotional distance. There are many ways we can connect with one another and start conversations on this upcoming Time to Talk Day. Together, we will end mental health stigma.


Here are some handy tips for the day:


In the Workplace

  • Go for an outdoors walk and talk with your colleagues during lunch.

  • Set up a virtual Time to Talk Day mental health quiz.

  • Play virtual Time to Talk Day Bingo or create your own version. You can find a blank copy here.

  • Host a learning lunch over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

  • Set up a virtual pledge board, where staff can write out simple steps around mental health.

  • Play the Sussed card game to start one-on-one and group conversations.

  • Download resources like screensavers, email banners and social media images.


In the Community

  • Stage an online movie night via Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+.

  • Test your baking skills with a virtual bake-off over a video chat.

  • Play virtual Time to Talk Day Bingo or create your own version. You can find a blank copy here.

  • Put on a virtual myth-busting mental health pub quiz.  

  • Stage a coffee morning over Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype or FaceTime.

  • Download resources like screensavers, email banners and social media images.


In Schools and Colleges 

"I want colleagues to feel they can be open about their mental health and ask for support if they need it. We can all reach out and start a conversation."

Please find downloadable materials below.